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Hiiiiiii guys!!

i’m soooo excited to be able to share with you the Happy Little Pill music videooooo! hope you punks like it and share it with your mates and make gifs of the radical owl. Making this video perfectly represent the song and it’s message was super important to me, and i hope you guys connect with it as much as i do. Also there is a hot boy in it playing soccer. enjoy!!

Alsoooo, if you’re having issues with the video on your phone click here and re-click the video link to open it in your browser!






It’s crazy how listening to something can bring out so many feelings. Memories from the past. How a sound can make you cry. How it can remind you of old times. How it can make you feel so proud. Proud of someone you don’t even know and yet you know him really well. He has made me appreciate sound, music and life so much. I am really thankful for everything. I’ll never forget you my dear Kidrauhl.

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